For beauty connoisseurs

Wood provides timeless style and elegance while creating a sophisticated space. With our unique products you can select from modern minimalist to rich and cosy classical designs.

The natural purity of wood provides a calm and warm feeling in your home. When relaxing in one of our unique wooden bathtubs you will notice the water maintains its temperature for longer while providing you with a soothing feeling previously reserved for luxury spa's .


Our wooden sinks and bathtubs not only have a unique style but they are also of the highest quality and finish.
They are comfortable and elegant. Our products are made from specially selected European and exotic wood
which is professionally preserved ensuring they remain durable and functional.

To make our wooden masterpieces last forever we use the highest quality natural oils which guarantee a “no scratch” surface. Our oils also strengthen the natural beauty of the wood and display it with subtle simplicity. If you want something more eye catching we can also apply a varnish to give a remarkable shine.

Timber: Sapelli , Teak, Wenge , Cherry, Meranti , Acacia, Doussie.


Maintenance is simple yet essential to maintain beauty of wood. You simply need to use cream based cleaner to clean the surface with a delicate and soft cloth.

Each order is treated individually and flexibly . Each model of wooden sink and bathtub offered here can be tailored to adjust the dimensions to your needs.

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