Wooden basins

Our fascination and love for the wood has inspired us to create something unique yet functional. We have a variety of modern and fashionable styles of wooden basins and bathtubs available for you to transform Your bathroom.

wooden sink Parma

Parma basin

Timber: Walnut

Dimensions e.g. : 1150 x 430 x 95[mm]

wooden sink Bergamo

Bergamo basin

Timber: Cherry

Dimensions e.g. : 900 x 400 x 95 [mm]

wooden sink Verona

Verona basin

Timber: Ash

Dimensions e.g. : 1270 x 600 x 100[mm]



Our products are made from specially selected European and exotic wood which is professionally preserved ensuring they remain durable and functional.

wooden basin


It is simple yet essential to maintain beauty of our basins. You simply need to use cream based cleaner to clean the surface with a delicate and soft cloth.

wooden sink

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